Pursue Your Passion

Dark fiction and MMA author, Mark Tullius, and yogi, Anthony Johnson, explore the positive experiences that have helped transform them into happier and healthier individuals. 

#3: Unlocking Chiropractic

In this episode Mark Tullius and Anthony Johnson discuss chiropractic and take a trip down to San Diego to visit Mark's brother, Dr. Steve Tullius, an incredible chiropractor who is having great results with children suffering from a wide range of symptoms. Dr. Tullius does a full examination on Anthony, a yogi and retired Marine, and gives him another way to look at PTSD and his body as a whole. Mark then takes Anthony to see Dr. John Holland in La Habra, CA. Dr. Holland, who has been adjusting Mark for nearly 28 years takes a look at Anthony and adjusts a long-term injury that Anthony didn't know even existed.

It also includes the illustrated children's book, Triple S Agency, written by Mark's daughter, Olivia, and narrated by Dawna Gonzales.