Pursue Your Passion

Dark fiction and MMA author, Mark Tullius, and yogi, Anthony Johnson, explore the positive experiences that have helped transform them into happier and healthier individuals. 

Discussing yoga and breathing for recovery and aiding martial arts training, mindset for this weekend's jiujitsu competition, writing with friends, and pursuing passion. Includes two short horror stories.
Mark discusses sharing metal music and his writing with his daughter, and his struggle with social media. Also includes the short horror story, Book of Revelation"
Ben Saunders, a UFC welterweight, and Jeremiah Vance, a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu brown belt, discuss MMA, jiujitsu, EBI, and Combat Jiu Jitsu. Also includes Mark's short horror story, "No One's Here."
Nato stops by to talk about injuries caused by jiujitsu and the natural ways to recover from them. Sharing yoga with Girl Scouts. And developing our book Try Not to Die: Up in the Club. Includes the short horror story "Midnight Snack."
A short ramble on how my MMA project and training jiujitsu has improved my life. Includes my most romantic short story "Every Precious Second," narrated by Don Theye.
Catching up with Jon Michael Holland, a brown belt and co-owner/head instructor of 10th Planet Bethlehem/Finishers MMA. Jon talks about the upcoming EBI where he will be competing in the Combat JiuJitsu tournament. Also includes the short horror story, "Woodshop After Math."
Mark examines his obsession with death and how he's become more positive. Includes the short story, "Shades of Death."
Mark and his 3-year-old son, Jake, hang out in their tent and read from Triple S. Agency: Puzzle at the Preschool.
Mark and Ken Kanenbley discuss yoga, creating your reality, and the Try Not to Die they're creating. Also includes the short horror story "Mommy's Big Boy"
Nato stops by to discuss ionic foot detox, this weekend's dietary cleanse, and writing. Includes the short horror story "Glory."
Mark stops by Anthony's new travel trailer to talk about Anthony's month in Phoenix, plans for the new year, and why Mark has been in a much better mood. Also includes the short horror story, "Twisted Memory."
Mark takes a gi class at Gracie Gym OC then interviews head coach, BJJ black belt, Magno Almeida. Magno explains why he stopped competing in MMA, how teaching jiu jitsu fulfills him, and why his faith is such an important part of his life.
Here's a look at the creative process as Mark and Fortunato Lipari discuss the book they'll be co-authoring in the Try Not to Die series. More sex, drugs, and violence. I'm sensing a pattern. Also includes the short horror story "Each Dawn I Die."
Marshall Stamper stops by to talk about meditation, yoga, being an accountant, and the book we're creating: Try Not to Die: in Chiang Mai. Includes the short horror story "Shooting Flies."
Mark gets a surprise visit from the imaginary twin brother he didn't know existed. The brothers, who sound remarkably alike, argue over yoga, MMA, and cannabis. Also includes the unpublished short story "Crossing the Line."
2017: The Year I'll Try Not to Die. Discussing ambitious plans for the Try Not to Die horror series and how much time I've been spending learning to play the guitar. Also includes the short story, "Midnight Snack."
Mark and Anthony discuss Dangerous Writing, a powerful writing assignment, what's happening with the Try Not to Die series, women training jiu jitsu, and using yoga to improve your art. Also includes the short horror story, "Instant Terror."
Mark and Anthony hanging out in the van before and and after competing at a catch wrestling tournament. Includes the short horror story "Group Session."
A little self-reflection as we play with some tarot cards. Also discussing the new short erotica story, "Before Brightside: Mandy" and playing the short horror story "Split Decision."
Marshall Stamper, comedian and host of Tales of Macaque Podcast, enlightens us, talking yoga, jiu jitsu, the fear of death, psychedelics, and all kinds of fun stuff. Also includes the short horror story, "The Artist."
Mark and Anthony discuss the desire to do great things, the resistance in getting them done, why we both could use brain scans, and why cats might be better than dogs. Also includes the short horror story "Twisted Memory."
How my wife's first jiujitsu competition helped me write the final chapter for my MMA book, Unlocking the Cage. Also includes the short horror story, "When it Rains."
Mark and Anthony discuss Veterans Day, election nonsense, and rethink their perfect days. Also includes the short horror story "To Feed an Army."
The importance of mindful breathing balanced with some disturbing horror. Includes the short stories "Bad Habits" and "No One's Here."
Mark and Nato discuss why this might be the last episode of Unlocking. Also includes the short story "To Catch a Killer"
Mark's all alone talking horror. Includes the short story "Out There."
Anthony and Nato join Mark for a backyard yoga/podcast session. Talking yoga, media influences, and horror fiction. Includes Mark's short story "Woodshop After Math."
Mark and Anthony are at JiuJitsu in the Park which started off with some Yoga Lockdown. BJJ, yoga, and the short horror story, "Glory." What more could you ask for?
Discussing yoga, fiction, and Slayer influencing Mark's writing. Includes the short horror story "Mommy's Big Boy."
Mark and Anthony discuss new goals and old projects. Includes the short horror story "Book of Revelation."
Mark visits the South Dakota Black Hills to talk poetry with Don Theye. Don, an Air Force veteran, was one of the first poets in America to be certified as a Poetry Therapist in 1979. Since then Don has been using poetry to help children, mental health patients, and anyone brave enough to try.
More talk about writing, both fiction and nonfiction. Includes the short horror story "The Infidels' Prayer."

Mark discusses his recent visit to Just Float and the terrible places his mind often explores. Also includes the short story "Shades of Death."

Discussing fighting at a young age due to bullying and racism, a new knee injury, plans for our bodies after death, and the final chapter of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and his friend, Fortunato Lipari, discuss Mark's decision to remove social media from his phone and seriously limit time spent on it. Also includes chapter 18 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony discuss their results at the Gracie Worlds' BJJ tournament and how Mark's perfectionism prevents him from being happy with accomplishments. Also includes chapter 17 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony discuss the last minute decision to compete at Gracie World's and how Mark needs to overcome his inability to perform under pressure. Also includes Chapter 16 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony discuss their reckless behavior and how ego has been getting in their way. Also includes Ch. 14 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony discuss their visit to Babalu's Iron Gym where Anthony led the BJJ class through a nice yoga warm up. Also includes Chapter 13 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony discuss finding balance and being a nerdy author. Also includes Chapter 12 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark sits down with Hal Bodner, a Bram Stoker Award nominated author, best known for writing the best selling gay vampire novel, Bite Club. Also includes Chapter 11 of the Brightside audiobook.
Getting adjusted to the new studio while trying to babysit my 3-year-old. Includes Chapter 10 of Brightside.
Mark and Anthony, both BJJ blue belts, talk about this past weekend's jiu jitsu tournament and what they learned from it. Also includes Brightside Chapter 9
Special guest is Keta Meggett, a professional wrestler with Women of Wrestling, actress, model, and founder of Team Bully Buster. Includes Brightside Chapter 8. www.teambullybuster.com
Mark and Anthony discuss the importance of goals and some of the things we plan on doing with competition, writing, and yoga. Also Includes Chapter 7 of Brightside.
Mark and Anthony discuss struggling with self-doubt and some of the things that have helped increase their confidence. Also includes Ch. 6 of Brightside. Sorry for poor sound quality. The higher quality audio files were lost.
Mark sits down with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Melbourne's Frank Barca, a BJJ and multiple martial arts black belt. Also includes Chapter 5 of Brightside.
Mark interviews two of the founders and directors of the veterans group Us4Warriors and then discusses it with Anthony, a retired USMC Iraq Vet. Also includes Chapter 4 of the Brightside audiobook. For more info on the organization please visit http://usforwarriors.org/
Anthony leads a yoga session to kick off the third annual Jiu Jitsu in the Park event and interviews a few BJJ practitioners. Also includes Chapter 3 of the Brightside audiobook.
USMC Ssgt Reece Messerly and amateur MMA fighter Kat Proudfoot stop by the studio. After a yoga and jiujitsu session we talked about Fight Club 29 located on the 29 Palms Marine Corps base. Also includes Chapter 2 of the Brightside audiobook.
Mark and Anthony visit Dr. Mike Ko, a physical therapist who is also a BJJ blue belt. The visit with Dr. Ko changed their mind on physical therapy and helped them see just how beneficial it can be, even to people who are actively taking care of their body through yoga and other exercise.
Mark and Anthony discuss how beneficial the martial arts and yoga can be for both active duty and veterans. They visit with Shane Kruchten, an Iraq war veteran and MMA professional fighter, and also share the interviews they had with the men at Fight Cub 29 at Marine base 29 Palms. This episode also includes Mark's short horror story, "Shades of Death."
Mark interviews MMA fighter Rudy Morales about his upcoming fight with Combate Americas. They also discuss yoga, positive thinking, and Rudy's Believe to Believe system, helping both Anthony and Mark believe in themselves a little more. Also includes Mark's short horror story, "Reunion."
On a recent trip to San Diego, Mark and Anthony did yoga and talked with BJJ Black Belt/Arena MMA instructor Jake Mapes who set aside MMA so he could focus o...
In this episode, Mark and Anthony discuss MMA with professional fighter, Jonathan Santa Maria, the head instructor at 10th Planet Youth Center in Whittier, CA. They talk about Jonathan's fight for Combate Americas (which can be seen on the UFC Fight Pass) the recent death of a MMA fighter, and whether or not the risk is worth the reward when it comes to competing in Mixed Martial Arts.
Mark and his good friend, Fortunato Lipari, discuss what they've gained from yoga and how it helps with other aspects of their life. They take a look at Mark's lack of confidence and how it hindered both his fighting and writing career, and talk about Mark's recent trip to the Tucson Festival of Books.

In this episode Mark Tullius and Anthony Johnson discuss chiropractic and take a trip down to San Diego to visit Mark's brother, Dr. Steve Tullius, an incredible chiropractor who is having great results with children suffering from a wide range of symptoms. Dr. Tullius does a full examination on Anthony, a yogi and retired Marine, and gives him another way to look at PTSD and his body as a whole.

Author Mark Tullius and yogi Anthony Johnson discuss learning curves and why they recommend martial arts and yoga for kids and adults. Also includes Tullius' short story, "Every Precious Second."