Pursue Your Passion

Dark fiction and MMA author, Mark Tullius, and yogi, Anthony Johnson, explore the positive experiences that have helped transform them into happier and healthier individuals. 

#105 Unlocking: "Twelve O'Clock High"

Mark talks about his Monday where he stopped by Kings MMA, trained at 10th Planet Oceanside and 10p San Diego along with a fun visit to his brother's. He also narrates the short story "Twelve O'Clock High" from his dystopian novel 25 Perfect Days" Plus 5 More. (23:00)

#103 Unlocking: "Two Minutes to Midnight"

Mark discusses how his fear of CTE from all the brain damage he accumulated over 14 years of football, boxing, and MMA is now motivating him to begin a new nonfiction project. He also narrates the short story "Two Minutes to Midnight" from his dystopian novel 25 Perfect Days" Plus 5 More. (20:15)

#102 Unlocking: Dawna Gonzales

Mark talks with Dawna Gonzales, the host of Mat Therapy and an actress who has narrated a couple of his projects, including this episode's short story, "Mutual Understanding" (46:15) Dawna talks about her upcoming competition at the Onnit Invitational, what martial arts has done for her, why she enjoys teaching women in her self-defense program.

#100 Unlocking: "Twenty-Twenty"

Anthony Johnson returns for a very irreverent episode 100. Talking yoga, MMA, tattoos, confessions, Messiah related porn, giving away a dog, and trying to figure out what the hell's wrong with Mark.
(33:50)Includes the Unlocking the Cage prologue
( 50:30) And the dystopian short story "Twenty-Twenty." 

#087 Unlocking "Crossing the Line"

Mark discusses being unable to train jiu jitsu but sticking with a weight cut, hitting the Metallica concert, and interviewing his father. Also includes the new short story "Crossing the Line."